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Words of our CEO

Words of our CEO

OnDemand Agility, the IT services company, was created with a vision to provide services to clients across the globe with flexibility, best of attitude and aptitude along with applied software engineering solutions and knowledge. To date, we take pride in what we are creating for the industry, by staying focused on our niche capabilities and making them useful for out clients by embracing and applying the changing trends of technology. We remain focused on our Risk Management and Risk IT solutions to the regulatory world of Banking and Finance.

However, we have also further designed our services to concentrate on Data of every kind. Be it a Data Scraping work, Reference Data, Counterparty Data in any of the languages, Data Lake Solutions, Data Sourcing, Data Lineage, Business Process Testing, Data Migration to the Cloud, Market Risk/Credit Risk/Operational Data, Quant and much more – we have been working through automation and Data Science, by applying Chatbot and providing very rich statistical dashboards for BFSI. ODA is making investments on technology solutions to enable the innovative way in which Data Science is applied on the ever complicated beast of data in the BFSI World.

The times are encouraging and challenging; interesting and yet tedious. However, with the help of our experienced engineers and academicians and through ODA’s scientific approach, well-defined processes and intellectual property, we are all set to provide the solutions to make data simple, automated, clean, well-documented and optimal for our clients. Our access to the best talent in India has become our strength over the years and our relationships with universities globally has become the tool of enhancing new knowledge, which is helping let the old technology rest at peace and embracing newer solutions to the New Brave World.

Please join us in this journey of self-empowerment, self-realization and self-dependence in the working world of digitalization. This is only possible by using the optimal means of Data and Documentation.

For any of our case studies, feel free to reach out to us at IP@ondemandagility.com

-Ashudeep Chadha, Chief Executive Officer