OnDemand Agility Solutions

OnDemand Agility Solutions welcomes Mr. Vivek Chandola as the Head of Innovation

Gurugram, India 21st September 2018 – Vivek Chandola has been named as Chief Technology Innovation Officer at OnDemand Agility Solutions (ODA) effective September 2018. As an innovation lead, Vivek will be responsible for shaping and supporting ground breaking innovation and driving the strategic use and development of technology to power ODA’s business, and delivering world class customer service. The dominant idea would be to transform development ideas into actionable insights generating tangible business value through our In-house process oriented approach of prototyping. ODA’s advantage to the entire process brings in core intellectual property which we have developed over the years in banking, financial and technology space coupled with highly skilled team of SMEs and informed people with extensive cumulative experience, and scientific internal processes towards delivery. The major streams under the Innovation umbrella would include Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data Engineering and Data Science. Vivek believes in “delivering successful innovative solutions as progressive task involving the business stakeholders, creative thinking and lots of data experimentation.” Our delivery cycle in phase 1 would revolve around design led thinking, prioritising hypothesis to create business insights and model configurations. The secondary analysis would ensure further optimisations using agile methodologies and DevOps iterations before the prototype is handed over to the client. The whole idea is to bridge the gap within the industry via collaborative approach to bring domain and business experts along with academicians in one room to whiteboard cutting edge solutions basis maturity of global engagements for our clients.

Vivek has extensive global experience of over 18 years in technology leadership as well as global financial services, covering derivatives, structured products, risk modeling, equities etc. He is innovative, enthusiastic and committed professional with extensive experience in leading complex, real-time, high volume products, from inception to successful launch. With a demonstrated track record of successful leadership and delivery of innovative solutions to the global financial services industry, he is a highly accomplished information technology leader.

Before returning to ODA again Vivek headed the global development team as Chief Technology Officer in Information division of IHS MarkIT across various regions, providing leadership and strategic direction to the group. Additionally, he also held the position of Partner and Director of risk modeling and credit derivatives at eBusinessware Inc. before moving to IHSMarkIT.

About ODA – OnDemand Agility Solutions is a niche and domain centric Information Technology organisation working on multiple legacy and new generation technologies, complimented by a thorough understanding of business requirements. ODA facilitates the success of its BFSI clientele through cutting edge technologies and providing customised solutions, like application development, data services, business process testing and quality assurance.

On developing a professional association with Vivek, ODA looks forward to taking the company to greater heights of success through innovative and unique solutions for its BFSI clientele. His broad technical knowledge, combined with business vision and excellent analytical, communication and coaching skills will not only be an addition to ODA’s intellectual property, but also help the company meet and surpass business growth expectations.