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Onboarding at ODA

Onboarding at ODA

Onboarding at ODA entails much more than just a new hire orientation as we aim at building a long-term proposition with the employee, who is constantly motivated, engaged, and delighted to be with us.

We aim at seamless onboarding by providing the most transparent, comprehensive, and in-depth information, competitive compensation, excellent benefits & round clock availability.

We offer careers and not jobs, as we take the responsibility and onus for chalking out career plans and ensuring that the aspirations are correctly understood and fulfilled. We are extremely proud of our pedigree, which has seen huge success through us and is a source of inspiration for us.

Every individual is treated with utmost dignity and respect and is not counted as merely a headcount. We are an employee-driven organization, repose faith in a flat hierarchy, and give independence to think, express, act, implement and execute plans par excellence.

Onboarding with us delves on four critical components:

  • Clarification: Detailed clarity on roles and responsibilities, mission, vision, and philosophy is ensured.
  • Culture: Helping all to seamlessly integrate into our culture, values & ethics.
  • Connection: We promote organizational socialization & foster productive and positive relationships with existing staff, supervisors, mentors, and the leadership.
  • Compliance: Ensure that the new inducts are complying with the rules regulations and ethical values of the organization.

Attrition is one of the least with us in the industry and our peer group. Our meticulously designed retention strategy is our key and begins from the day the staff joins us. We stay connected, committed, receptive and responsive to our workforce. Our open-door policy, work-life balance, the instant recognition of excellent work, pleasant workforce, excellent working conditions, effective and regular communication, highly supportive and encouraging leadership are a few of the factors that keep us ahead of others. We focus on capability building and create an ecosystem where people development is always at the forefront of the leadership mindset.

As we strive to become the employer of choice, we urge all to come and be a part of us & and our never-ending journey to achieve excellence in all aspects of life.

For any of our case studies, feel free to reach out to us at IP@ondemandagility.com

-Soumya Mohanty, Senior Manager, HR