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Client Servicing

Client Servicing

Ayn Rand wrote, “I don’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build!”

In any business, it’s the client who is the focus of attention. Clients don’t expect perfection from the service providers they hire, they require a holistic satisfaction of protection of their interests and that too, with honesty and transparency. In order to have satisfied clients and to have newer ones, client servicing becomes the nucleus of any business activity. The Client Service Executive, thus, becomes the go man between the client and the service provider. To succeed as a CSE, you need to know who you are and why you are there for clients. On the organisation front, you need data, information and expertise to blend a win-win situation for clients and business et al. The CSE also needs to have an open mind for new ideas and creditable feedback to deliver the desired goals both for clients and the organisation.

The next moot point is how to have more clients – that leads us to business development. This can only be achieved if there are definite goals and a clear road map for the same. The core business needs to have the following elements in mind to grow:

  • New markets for the existing products/services
  • New products/services for the existing markets
  • Diversification, which entails developing new product markets related or unrelated to the core business.

This structured approach would help to identify the strategic relationships, within the business as also the clients – which need to be consolidated. Such an approach would also help in finding new partnerships. It would also assist in expanding target markets, bringing in new clients and cementing the existing customer base. Every business needs creativity to develop.

Business and its development is like beard – you would have it only if you let it grow!

I would borrow from Richard Branson to conclude: Building a business is knowing how to do something, being proud of it and to create something that would make a difference in other people’s life – I would substitute other people with our clients.

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-Prabhleen Singh, Director – Client Services